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Common Questions Answered Through John’s Services:

  1. Which health coverage is better for me and/or my business—group? Individual? HMO? POS? PPO?

  2. Shouldn’t I wait to buy long term care coverage until I’m older – say 65?

  3. I'm going to be eligible for Medicare soon.  What are the usual ancillary Medicare health/prescription drug policies I need to consider?

  4. Which coverage is better for me—term life or permanent (whole) life?

  5. I’d like to put aside more money for retirement. What plans/funding vehicles are available to me as an individual? As a business owner?

  6. What risks do I face as a business owner that can be covered through insurance?

  7. I’ve got teenaged drivers. How can I lower my auto insurance premiums?

With over 35 years of financial services experience, John can give you simple, competent answers to difficult financial questions.